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What is a Bail Out Bag?

The term bail out bag is a nod to military aviators, who carried a bag of emergency supplies if ever they had to 'bail out' of their aircraft. We use the term now to describe a collection of emergency supplies, all in one place, that can be grabbed and used quickly.


Always Be Ready.

You can never know when a disaster will strike. The Red Cross and FEMA recommend you have an emergency kit prepared for at least 3 days until emergency services can be dispatched. We provide a Bail Out Bag that has all the supplies that you will need if you are required to evacuate from your home or if you have to stay indoors.



You Need an Emergency Kit.

Earthquakes on the East and West coasts, tornadoes moving through the Midwest, and hurricanes battering the Atlantic seaboard have caught thousands off guard. Don't expect to be able run to the store last minute and stock up; they will most likely be out. Have an emergency kit prepared long before your family needs it.